Helping kids know Jesus

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The best way to teach your children the Christian faith is to live as a Christian yourself—to treat others with love and respect, to show sorrow and repentance when you have sinned, to offer forgiveness when others wrong you, to read the Bible and pray with your family. But to help your children grow in their faith, it can also be helpful to connect them with Christian resources. Many of the options listed here require only a good internet connection. Others are available at your local Adventist Book Centre. Which of these resources would be best for your children?


This series of daily Bible studies is designed for children according to their age, with resources available for 0–2-year-olds, 3–4-year-olds and 5–9-year-olds. The website also includes free activity ideas and a “podcast” section that contains animated videos and audio for different ages and in different languages. Visit <>.

Table Talk Tins

It will take a long time for your family to get through discussing the questions written on each of the cards in the Table Talk resource. The questions are designed to bring families closer together and to explore faith in God together. Available from your local Adventist Book Centre or can be ordered online from

Daily Bites for Kids

These daily readings help children understand and practise the basics of biblical faith. They are presented in three booklets: Come to Jesus, Dig Deeper and Share Jesus. Available from your local Adventist Book Centre or can be ordered online from

The Tuis

Meet a Pacific Islander family trying to live God’s way in the north of Australia in this animated series. Each episode also contains family activities, discussion questions and songs. Get to know the family at <>.



Arnie’s Shack

This Australian kids’ video series teaches Bible truth using puppets, stories and songs. A lot of free short YouTube videos are available online, but you may want to visit your local Adventist Book Centre to see what full-length DVDs and CDs are available, including episodes where Arnie’s Shack visits PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and the Aboriginal community of Karalundi. Visit <>.

Bible Adventures

A series of 28 free online Bible study guides that take young readers through basic Bible teaching. Download from


Day by Day with Jesus

A calendar and reading plan that will help your child read through large sections of both the Old and New Testament over 12 months. Download from

Stewardship Jack

Teach your kids about honesty, generosity and biblical stewardship
with the help of Stewardship Jack, a friendly dog. Activities and videos are included at the website <>. Book available at your local Adventist Book Centre.