A Christian perspective on the world today
It’s easy to wish for the old days, when it seems everyone went to church and lived according to Christian values. But we can’t turn the clock back. So, what does it mean to live as a “Christian nation” in the twenty-first century? Is it even possible?

Secrets of good health

While modern medicine has transformed lives in the South Pacific, many of the secrets of better health can be found in the village lifestyles of our past.

Sabbath: More rest, less stress

Are you run-down and burnt out by the busyness of modern life? God has a solution for healing and freedom that’s as old as time.
How do the biblical themes of creation and stewardship link with logging practices in Solomon Islands and around the Pacific?

Accountable to a higher power

Can a godly man succeed in the tough environment of management and politics? Ivan Pomaleu’s story suggests the answer is Yes!
The Sabbath is not just for the ancient Jewish tribes of the Old Testament. Jesus’ life and words teach us that this weekly blessing of rest is for Christians today.

What did Jesus say about the end of the world?

A teacher shows how anyone can improve their reading ability and their faith in God.

The importance of prayer

You can’t live long without breath—in the same way your life with God will quickly die without prayer.
Finances can be either a blessing or a curse. What is the best way forward for you and your family?

Delicious Pacific dishes

With a little creativity and a passion for the traditional foods that grow in your area, you can create great-tasting and healthy food that your family and friends will love!